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Self As Other: Reflections on Self-Care Now Available Hand-bound and as PDF

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In activist circles and elsewhere, it has become commonplace to speak of self-care, taking for granted that the meaning of this expression is self-evident. But “self” and “care” are not static or monolithic; nor is “health.” How has this discourse … Continue reading

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Othering Occupy: Against the Rhetoric of Fear

by C. de Gabriak On the anniversary of the Occupy movement, two speakers squared off to debate what tactics are legitimate and effective for bringing about social change, and who gets to define the movement’s goals. The debate exposed assumptions … Continue reading

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Gyno-anarchy and the Strategy of the Fool

I am not sure when it did all start. I know that it is one of those things that my mother somehow passed me along, even though I did not, at the time, want it or understand it, and even … Continue reading

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